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Allegro ma non troppo

The Leone brothers' profession is rather unconventional.
Aurelio, Vittoria and Elena run IFAL corporated, a company for assisted suicides. Contrary to popular belief, the three brothers aim to fulfill every clients’ wish.
The suicide victim will personally choose his own death, which may be insane, desperate, ironic, perverse, depending on his personal taste. IFAL allows the client to decide the way to die and even the scenario.
Today's client is Tiziano Callegaro, a common professor of ancient Greek. His last wish? A couples’ dinner, more precisely a symposium.
Everything seems to go according to the agreed plans, but Tiziano has one last confession to make: a secret that will completely turn the situation around.






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First AD:

Line Producer:



Original Music:

Sound Editing & Mix:

Giacomo Pedrotti &

Claudio Pauri 




Italy, 2020


E. Cortese, A. Manzati,

G. Pedrotti, M.Tahoun

Aries Film

Materiali Sonori Cinema

A.Manzati, G.Pedrotti,

E. Cortese (story)

Matteo Sparacio

Aries Film

Mattia Bonanno

Matteo Giacchella

Roland Seph Erulo

Daniel Casalegno

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Giacomo Pedrotti


Claudio Pauri

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Giacomo Pedrotti (born March 27, 1995) graduated at the Accademia Teatrale Veneta, an academy of dramatic arts based in Venice, in 2018. During his studies he soon developed a great interest in directing which led him to shoot his first independent short films including The Last Piece (2017) and The Good Teacher (2018). In 2019 he founded the film production company Aries Film. In 2019 he shot Zeitnot. Afterwards he writes and directs Hide and Seek (2019), a horror short film, which has been highly successful. This leads him to shoot the second chapter "Grandmother's Footsteps" which has yet to be released.

Claudio Pauri (born February 1st 1999) from 2015 to 2017 he is a member of the jury of the Corto Dorico festival. In 2018 he was admitted to the Holden School for Direction, Screenplay and Film Production. In 2019 he worked as a camera operator in the documentary Making (Of) Love (by Lucio Basadonne and Anna Pollio, work in progress). Film in which he appears among the protagonists.
In the same year he directed and screenplayed the film "Edoné - la sindrome di Eva" (2020), a collective film of I MOLesti, in which he also appears as an actor.

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