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The Invisible Soccer Player

The Invisible Soccer Player tells the joys and difficulties of a team
amateur football composed of homosexual players, the REVOLUTION TEAM. Through a series of interviews with the team's players, the project develops on the statements and testimonies of many prominent characters who face the theme of that veiled homophobia that has always been breathed in football. In the beginning with great caution, almost muted and then with greater awareness, in recent years more and more athletes, even of world-famous, who have come-out, obviously in countries where the civil rights of sexual minorities are protected. Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Volleyball, Rugby are among the sports that they include LGBT athletes while football has remained until today the last bastion of the heterosexual male. The documentary tells the current state of affairs, reminding al public the short but complex list of episodes related to discrimination, occurred in the field, in the locker rooms or in various public occasions.





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Production & Distribution:




Executive Producer:

Still Photographer:​

Matteo Tortora



Italy, 2018


Revolution Soccer Team, Alessandro Costacurta, Cesare Prandelli

Black Oaks Pictures, Materiali Sonori Cinema

Matteo Tortora

Matteo Laguni

Davide Castagnetti, Mirko Rigon

Fortunato Valente
Federico Bezzi

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Matteo Tortora


Autore, regista e montatore livornese. Da oltre dodici anni vive e lavora a Firenze. Si occupa principalmente di cinema documentaristico. E' autore del primo mockumentary italiano a tematica gay, Ubi Tu Gaius Ego Gaia (2013) Nel 2015 ha diretto "La donna pipistrello" (documentario) e nel 2017 "Temporary Queens" (documentario). Con il "Il calciatore invisibile" chiude idealmente una trilogia che indaga a fondo nel mondo delle discriminazioni su identità e orientamento sessuale.

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